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Guitar Hero: Big on Dreams, Short on Rap

July 31, 2007

So it’s no surprise that this Dream Rapper thing is taking a lot more time than expected. The only free time I get to work on songs is after work and on the weekends. Now genius me started the project at the beginning of the summer, so any free time now would rather be spent outside disc golfing, unicycling, or beach bumming. Lately I have an all new obsession keeping me from my rap songs. Guitar Hero II is the newest video game indulgence in the rock star ego fantasy inside us all. Since I became addicted to the game, I’ve gotten 2 other friends to join the bandwagon as well. There’s no resisting it. I swear I have 2 new raps that just need some finishing touches, and a music video is the works, but right now I just gotta get my Rock on. Hit me up on Xbox Live: kyleska