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Busted: The Fan-Made Music Video

April 8, 2010

3 years ago, I woke up from a strange dream about Squidward, hackeysack, and Anne Curry with the sudden desire to write and record rap songs about my dreams. The project was mostly just an excuse to break in my new microkorg synthesizer and do something with myself musically after leaving my band in Maine. 3 years later, I’m back doing what I love; playing guitar in a punk band, while my dream rap project has gone dormant. I still put on my DreamRapper hat from time to time to entertain new friends, but it’s basically just stays as another notch on my quirk card. I haven’t posted anything in over a year, the Switchpod service that I was using to host my songs has folded so none of the songs work anymore. The Dream Rapper project was slowly dying.

Then, out of nowhere, someone contacted me and asked if he could make a music video for my song, Busted (The Unicycle Rap). “Of course!” I replied. I was just happy to see someone else take a little inspiration from something silly that I made. A few weeks later when he finally sent me a link to video he made, I couldn’t stop laughing. He did a great job at putting together the visuals of my ridiculous dream story line. Check it out for yourself and give him some love in the comments. Great job!

-Kyle D


Can You Pop a Wheelie?

May 22, 2008

I have a new blog for my unicycling team. I’ll try to keep this one focused on music, rap, and original tunes. All the unicycling posts (unless it’s a dream and turns into a dream rap) from here on out will be at My dad, brother and I are racing against 34 other teams from all over world starting June 16th in Nova Scotia. I started a team blog so you can keep track of your favorite U.S. Unicycling Team as they gear up for a truly epic race. We’ll try to post updates while we’re on the road. Check it out and wish us luck.


…like a wounded animal

April 7, 2008

It’s been a few weeks since my qualifying ride for Ride The Lobster, and my wounds from the heinous crash on day 1 have all healed. I was surprised then to see on the Official Ride The Lobster Blog, a nice funny little post about me and my qualifying ride crash. The blog seems to focus more on the progress of international riders, with countries like Korea putting together internal races of their own to get the 3 best riders in their country to go to Nova Scotia. We’re hardly a USA Dream Team, and I’m probably not even the best rider in Philadelphia, so to be included in a post on a blog that highlights the best of the best around the world is pretty cool.

So we’ve registered as a team and put all of our chips in the middle of the table. All systems are go. Now we just need to focus on getting in shape, getting our gear in shape, and getting the four of us up to Nova Scotia.

In DreamRapper news, I got back together with the band yesterday after taking a month off to focus on moving and unicycling and healing. My hand is still a bit messed up so my guitar playing is a little weak. We’ve got a lot of new songs and we’ll be heading to the studio next weekend, so stay tuned for that. Also, our new apartment has a little more space for my music gear. I should be able to finish up the last of my dream raps soon.

-Kyle D


Road Rash with a Side of Chips

March 18, 2008

Team Unicycle Max took a beating this past weekend. My dad and I were both riding our 2-day qualifiers and each had a pretty heinous crash. While my shoulder took most of the damage on my spill, my dad described his knee as sounding like a bag of chips. In a third act of cosmic hosery, my brother called to tell me about his emergency room visit and diagnosis of pericarditis, a viral inflammation of the lining of the heart. So while this is something that usually goes away fairly quickly with regular doses of asprin, it does keep the kid off his unicycle with the big race only 89 days away. We’ve all got some healing and recovering to do, but I’m feeling good about it. I still have some numbers to crunch on the 2-day qualifier, but we should all be officially qualified and registered by this weekend.


So this March has pretty much been the month from hell. Taxes, bills, training, moving…all the worst parts of life decided to get together and have a class reunion this month. I had to tell the band that I couldn’t jam on the weekends this month because too much is going on. Hopefully they don’t bail on me altogether and we can still record some stuff next month. In the meantime, I’m just trying to take it easy, heal, recover, and get ourselves into a new apartment. Stay tuned.


This is How I Roll

February 4, 2008
New Uni

Check out this new beast of a uni. For all the unicycle gear-heads reading this(all 2 of you) that’s a Nimbus 36″ with Airfoil rim, ISIS splined hub, Magura hydrolic brake, T7 handle bar, and KH street fusion gel saddle. I put a good 15 miles on it over the weekend and shocked many of the locals out walking on the Wayne trail. It looks a lot bigger in person and it’s quite a bit of weight and momentum to control, but I’m doing pretty good. Riding in traffic is going to be a different experience altogether. It’s scary enough on a bicycle, but throw in the slack-jawed what-the-hell-is-that stares from passing motorists, it makes me a little nervous. Not like riding in Maine where you got miles of open roads with no traffic, everything around her is a giant suburban maze of traffic and construction. Maybe I’ll ride out to Amish country to do my qualifier.


Ride The Lobster

January 4, 2008

2008 is here and that means one thing and one thing only: Ride the Lobster is fast approaching. This June, Nova Scotia will host a historic unicycle relay race with teams competing from all over the world. The event is 5 days of riding and covers 800km. My dad, brother, and I will be representing Arizona, Maine, and Pennsylvania. The race will be tracked live via GPS and GoogleEarth.

What does this mean for DreamRapper? Well the dream rap project is coming to a close. I have a 5th dream rap in the hip-hop tumbler getting polished, and I’m still playing guitar with DuPont Menage and STC. Once I get my new unicycle, most of my free time will have to be spent riding and training. If you’d like to check out the latest news on RTL, check out the official Ride The Lobster blog.


Unicycle Rap inspires other one-wheeled rappers

September 11, 2007

So the last rap that I posted has been my favorite song so far in this project. I like the beat that I worked out, I like the steady flow, and I love unicycling, so the subject matter was something I could definitely get into. To see if it was just me or if the Unicycle Rap could resonate with other unicyclists, I posted it on the forums. It wasn’t long before the other creative and somewhat goofy unicyclists turned it into a mock rap battle. 17-year old UniSteve from Ontario, Canada posted the following rap-battle story between myself (my handle is Booji Boy) and Chexjc:

BoojiBoy and MC Chex were gettin’ ready to fight–
they brought their unis and their posses on this musical night–
Booji started off smooth with some “yeah, yeah, what”
Then the old school MC prepared to kick his butt:
“You need more than smooth lines to rule in this game;
Don’t be dissin’ all my homeboys, cuz that shit is lame.
If you wanna prove your worth, you gotta wait in line;
Pwning [owning] all these posers always takes some time.
OMG BRB, mang, I gotta grab my ride:
My favourite unicycle, name of Wheelius PRIME.”

Booji watched with raw amazement at the wheeled contraption,
Noting well its proper usage through leg contractions.
“Yo, MC Chex, I had a dream about those.
It was a tool of unmatched power for pimping all my hoes.
I’d wear a fancy wig and a purple coat,
Juggle coloured balls on a big parade float.
They came from miles to see me ride,
I was a super big hit when I promoted gay pride.”

MC Chex was impressed with the newcomer’s vision,
But like a jealous rapsurgeon, Chex had to make the first incision.
He told the Booji bout his motto of the thug way:
“Lesson one is RESPECT–for stuff people say.
Lesson two is BALANCE–to keep you standing all day.
The final third lesson is one that needs repeatin’:
In the unicycle world, there’s no such thing as being beaten.
We all live together in a happy uni commune,
Not sipping cognac in our limos selling red balloons.
The true uni life is when you don’t try to impress,
You just hop on up and do your best.”

Even though my character got schooled a bit in the fantasy rap battle, it was delightfully geeky with a nice universal message at the end. Great job UniSteve. Chex and I have worked out our differences and may collaborate on some Uni-themed songs in the future. Click here to follow the rest of the thread.


Dream Rap #4 – Busted (The Unicycle Rap)

August 12, 2007


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Well I finally finished a new song. In this dream rap, I’m on my way to a party when something terrible happens.