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Return of The Dream Rapper?

November 10, 2008

The dream rap project started well over a year ago. It produced 4 or 5 bizarre little raps about the strange scenes that play out in my head while I’m asleep. Since the project, I dabbled in more legit forms of hip-hop by playing guitar in an indie hip-hop band. After that, the dream project went on hiatus. It was not by choice, but by a lack of inspiration. The content of my raps come directly from my dreams, so when there are no fun, memorable dreams to speak of, there are no raps about said dreams. Perhaps it’s the addition of our pug puppy sleeping in our bed that makes me sleep a little lighter. Whatever the cause, no dreams meant no dream raps.

The past couple of nights have marked a return of Kyle D’s wacky dreams. They are decidedly different than the dreams I was having a year ago, mostly because of my newly established interest in professional sports and politics which has found its way into my sub-conscious. It is refreshing and terrifying all at once. Barack Obama insisting that he shake both of my hands after a hockey game one night is followed by Joe Biden getting his head crushed by a strange treadmill cart on the field of a football game the next.

While I’m not sure these two particular dreams will make it into a rap, I am encouraged by the fact that I’m having story-form dreams again and can start working on the next chapter in the Dream Rapper saga. Stay tuned.   -Kyle D


Lucid Dreams

June 18, 2007

I found this article on digg about lucid dreams. Since the rap songs that I create are born out of actual dreams, the subject of dreaming has been catching my attention more. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and the dreams that I do remember are uninspiring. Some of the techniques outlined in the article are a little too new-age for me, and probably don’t work very well with the sounds of Family Guy, the air conditioner, and seriously disfunctional cats running around as I fall asleep. Maybe this lucid dreaming thing can help in just remembering  dreams better. That might be worth the effort right there. If it does work, prepare yourself for the potential horror of my next Lucid Dream Rap.

Lucid Dreaming article