This is How I Roll

February 4, 2008
New Uni

Check out this new beast of a uni. For all the unicycle gear-heads reading this(all 2 of you) that’s a Nimbus 36″ with Airfoil rim, ISIS splined hub, Magura hydrolic brake, T7 handle bar, and KH street fusion gel saddle. I put a good 15 miles on it over the weekend and shocked many of the locals out walking on the Wayne trail. It looks a lot bigger in person and it’s quite a bit of weight and momentum to control, but I’m doing pretty good. Riding in traffic is going to be a different experience altogether. It’s scary enough on a bicycle, but throw in the slack-jawed what-the-hell-is-that stares from passing motorists, it makes me a little nervous. Not like riding in Maine where you got miles of open roads with no traffic, everything around her is a giant suburban maze of traffic and construction. Maybe I’ll ride out to Amish country to do my qualifier.



  1. Dude, you are soooo styled out! Good thing people are in shock instead of the cat-calls you get out here: “My monkey can ride one of those!”

  2. An Amish country qualifier would be soooooo badass. I want to ride around lancaster…

  3. Hi friend,
    I had seen your unicycle.Mine is like yours.I need a brake,but I don´t find it.Can you give the product reference?
    Thank you XD.

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