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This is How I Roll

February 4, 2008
New Uni

Check out this new beast of a uni. For all the unicycle gear-heads reading this(all 2 of you) that’s a Nimbus 36″ with Airfoil rim, ISIS splined hub, Magura hydrolic brake, T7 handle bar, and KH street fusion gel saddle. I put a good 15 miles on it over the weekend and shocked many of the locals out walking on the Wayne trail. It looks a lot bigger in person and it’s quite a bit of weight and momentum to control, but I’m doing pretty good. Riding in traffic is going to be a different experience altogether. It’s scary enough on a bicycle, but throw in the slack-jawed what-the-hell-is-that stares from passing motorists, it makes me a little nervous. Not like riding in Maine where you got miles of open roads with no traffic, everything around her is a giant suburban maze of traffic and construction. Maybe I’ll ride out to Amish country to do my qualifier.