Live Philly Hip-Hop Tonight!

November 26, 2007

So I joined a hip-hop/alternative band recently. I’m playing guitar, Dave G is on drums, and DuPont Menage is on the mic with Dave 2 adding backup. We’ve only played together as a group twice now, but tonight will be our first performance out in the wild. Every Monday night, the World Cafe Live hosts a Philly Rising open mic competition sponsored by Discmakers. We’re just playing 2 songs tonight, but it should be a good time. It’s been 2 years since I last performed with a band, and already it feels good to jam again. Dave G’s got good jazz-funk sensibilities on the drums, but knows how to kick up the rock when the time comes. DuPont’s lyrics are smart, creative, and focused. My guitar playing is a little rusty, and I don’t have 5 other instruments and distortion covering up my inadequacies, but it’s sounding good. So if you’re in Philadelphia tonight around 9:00pm, come to the World Cafe Live at 31st and Walnut to hear our groove in Serenading The Culture.

Philly Rising



  1. When’s open mic night?

  2. re: Beanie Sigel affiliate on the rise –

    I stumbled on a rapper from Philly with a controversial story. He’s an Italian kid named “Big City Philadelphia” with a pretty dramatic life story: the largest ketamine drug bust in American history, attempted murder, shared a prison yard with Beanie Sigel – something out of a movie. The son of notorious South Philly gangster Richie Esposito, Big City aka Phil Esposito is a street rapper who recently dropped a controversial song which attacks hipster rap. As his first step into the spotlight, he’s made it his mission to basically abolish hipster rap. He’s gotten a lot of press surrounding the track, plus articles have been written up on his cinematic and troubling life story. See links below. His mixtape is a lot more gutter than his more popular stuff, and is more in line with what Beanie Sigel says about him also in one of the links below.

    Philadelphia Weekly newspaper just did a cover story on him. It can be seen on their website as well:

    In this remake of 50 Cent’s classic “How to Rob,” Big City targets his frustration at hip hop “hipsters”, not just the general industry, as 50 originally did:

    Beanie Sigel speaks on Big City:

    Also, Byron Crawford posted a pretty illuminating article on Big City, and how Asher Roth may have bitten some things from him (very interesting):

    His mixtape can be downloaded here:

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