Dream Rap Drought

November 9, 2007

It’s been quite a while since I posted the last Dream Rap. October turned out to be a pretty crazy month, like needs drugs and shock-treatment crazy. There’s a new addition to the Dream Rapper’s Wild Kingdom in the form of a little pug puppy. Her name is Beatrix Kiddo “The Black Mamba”. Nevertheless, having a puppy eats up a lot of free time, and shoelaces. She’s just starting to sleep through the night, so perhaps I can get back to dreaming and rapping.

Beaatrix Kiddo

Halloween has come and gone. Nature’s taken the cue and finally turned down the thermostat here in the Northeast. We threw a small party at our place, dressed as zombies, and ate a lot of cookies and brain cupcakes. For the office, I went as a Zombie Johnny Cash. I like the idea of going as undead musicians. Next year it’s either Joey Ramone or Freddy Mercury. Now even though October did not yield any new dream raps, I did manage to get some guest vocals recorded for an old rap that’s been in the works since the beginning of the project. I should be able to finish it up and post it in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Zombie Johnny Cash


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  1. Your ugly,but your dog is very very very very cute!!!!!

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