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Unicycle Rap inspires other one-wheeled rappers

September 11, 2007

So the last rap that I posted has been my favorite song so far in this project. I like the beat that I worked out, I like the steady flow, and I love unicycling, so the subject matter was something I could definitely get into. To see if it was just me or if the Unicycle Rap could resonate with other unicyclists, I posted it on the¬†forums. It wasn’t long before the other creative and somewhat goofy unicyclists turned it into a mock rap battle. 17-year old UniSteve from Ontario, Canada posted the following rap-battle story between myself (my handle is Booji Boy) and Chexjc:

BoojiBoy and MC Chex were gettin’ ready to fight–
they brought their unis and their posses on this musical night–
Booji started off smooth with some “yeah, yeah, what”
Then the old school MC prepared to kick his butt:
“You need more than smooth lines to rule in this game;
Don’t be dissin’ all my homeboys, cuz that shit is lame.
If you wanna prove your worth, you gotta wait in line;
Pwning [owning] all these posers always takes some time.
OMG BRB, mang, I gotta grab my ride:
My favourite unicycle, name of Wheelius PRIME.”

Booji watched with raw amazement at the wheeled contraption,
Noting well its proper usage through leg contractions.
“Yo, MC Chex, I had a dream about those.
It was a tool of unmatched power for pimping all my hoes.
I’d wear a fancy wig and a purple coat,
Juggle coloured balls on a big parade float.
They came from miles to see me ride,
I was a super big hit when I promoted gay pride.”

MC Chex was impressed with the newcomer’s vision,
But like a jealous rapsurgeon, Chex had to make the first incision.
He told the Booji bout his motto of the thug way:
“Lesson one is RESPECT–for stuff people say.
Lesson two is BALANCE–to keep you standing all day.
The final third lesson is one that needs repeatin’:
In the unicycle world, there’s no such thing as being beaten.
We all live together in a happy uni commune,
Not sipping cognac in our limos selling red balloons.
The true uni life is when you don’t try to impress,
You just hop on up and do your best.”

Even though my character got schooled a bit in the fantasy rap battle, it was delightfully geeky with a nice universal message at the end. Great job UniSteve. Chex and I have worked out our differences and may collaborate on some Uni-themed songs in the future. Click here to follow the rest of the thread.