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Guitar Hero: Big on Dreams, Short on Rap

July 31, 2007

So it’s no surprise that this Dream Rapper thing is taking a lot more time than expected. The only free time I get to work on songs is after work and on the weekends. Now genius me started the project at the beginning of the summer, so any free time now would rather be spent outside disc golfing, unicycling, or beach bumming. Lately I have an all new obsession keeping me from my rap songs. Guitar Hero II is the newest video game indulgence in the rock star ego fantasy inside us all. Since I became addicted to the game, I’ve gotten 2 other friends to join the bandwagon as well. There’s no resisting it. I swear I have 2 new raps that just need some finishing touches, and a music video is the works, but right now I just gotta get my Rock on. Hit me up on Xbox Live: kyleska


The Police Concert!

July 20, 2007

Last night was epic. The Police came to Philadelphia, delivering 100% on the anticipation that had been building since I got my tickets 3 months ago. As soon as Stewart Copeland hit the gong to start their set, the stadium erupted with this energy that turned everyone into screaming 16-year old girls. Not many bands can reunite 20 years after they were the biggest band in the world and play a show with the same energy, heart, and creative enthusiasm as these three. My favorite tracks of the night were “Walking on the Moon”, “Can’t Stand Losing You” which included a few rounds of “Reggatta de Blanc” in the middle, and “So Lonely”. They played 2 encores, ending on a high energy punk song,”Next to You”. The sound, the lights, the energy, everything was spectacular. This was the kind of show you brag about witnessing for years to come. And I’ve been to some brag-worthy shows; DEVO, The Ramones, Woodstock 99, but this one may have just taken the number one spot on my brag list. Who will take the throne next? Nobody, that’s who.

The Police