Dream Rap #3 – Samurai

May 30, 2007


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This rap came from the strangest and most memorable dreams I’ve ever had. If it ever becomes the subject of a movie, this rap would be the perfect theme song. It features myself as a Samurai, saving a village from acid-spitting salesmen in bunny suits from the sewers. Let me know what you think.

It’s summertime now, so that means a little less time inside making silly raps and more time outside playing disc golf and unicycling (you know, typical rap artist activities). But fear not, I’m working on a few dream rap musical collaborations. If you would like to lend your audio/video talents to my dream rap project, please let me know.



  1. Hey Kyle, you are the silliest kid i know, yet the most creative, and these are genius! keep it going, you have a gift! use it! keep unicycling too!! Is Max going to do another NE trip? or some kind of adventure? cause i would be willing to sponsor him again! later tater

  2. Thanks for the comment Sam. Actually, Team DeMilner will be riding in a 5 day, 800km relay race in Nova Scotia next year. We will be competing against 20+ teams of unicyclist from all over the world. We’ll be looking for sponsors for that, and UnicycleMax.com will get a long overdue makeover and update. Check out RideTheLobster.com for more information on that ride.

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